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These are carried out by Christopher and his team for major collectors who need advice on insurance, drinking windows, sale or purchases. Valuation work is for the most part primarily for International Law Firms acting in Probate or Divorce settlement cases where substantially valuable wine collections are involved.

Mainly for Probate and Divorce purposes, I have led a team who will speedily catalogue and give market or forced sale valuations for High Court accepted purposes, and will also appear as an expert witness if required.

Specific expertise in counterfeit or poor condition bottles. Work is totally confidential, completely objective, transparent, and independent in it’s reporting to Principles.

Recent valuations include multi-million dollar collections of a major American collector, a Russian Oligarch, and an upscale Restaurant Chain, and smaller collections for regional auction houses.


I have been involved in the search for and eventual acquisition of vineyards in Champagne, Bordeaux and the Rhone, as well as planting new vineyards in the UK.

Advice ranges from financing, through to vineyard and wine quality and potential, as well as branding, marketing and distribution opportunities.


Most events are bespoke to accommodate the style and occasion and the level of wine knowledge and how didactic an event is required to be.

Many wealthy wine collectors have a good knowledge but are always enquiring and wanting to know more. The art of a good event is to make it fun and entertaining whilst leaving the audience feeling they have really learnt something new, without condescension or boring facts.

Help can be giving in either purchasing or finding sponsors for events, depending upon the specific requirements.

Previous events have included; “the Worlds ten greatest wines” “Wines ending in One” (great wines from vintages ending in one, starting from 1861,1891, 1921, 31, 41, 51, and ending in 1961), Specific Chateau or properties (ie Lafite, Margaux, d’Yquem, Grange, Chadwick, Sassicaia, DRC, etc..)

More academic lectures have featured verticals and horizontals of a region or property, “blind” tasting techniques, and rare varietals of grapes.